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Day care center for children at risk - UG "Pomirenje" has been operating in the area of ​​Zenica for 13 years thanks to donors from abroad and deals exclusively with humanitarian work, emphasizing the education of socially vulnerable categories of the population.

In June 2011, the association founded the Day Center for Children at Risk. The goals of the Day Center are to keep children off the streets and to offer them the best possible education, to use their free time in a better and better way, to raise the awareness of the community to get involved in solving this problem.

For all children who are unable to come to our center, a vehicle has been purchased that safely takes the children to and from their homes every day, five days a week.

The van was purchased with the help of our donors from various countries around the world, considering that the van travels daily to transport children, this requires many costs for us, such as fuel, maintenance and service, etc.

Hereby, we are asking all good people who are able to support the work of our center, we especially emphasize the cost of transportation for children from various parts of the city of Zenica to our center, which is free for them.

Whatsapp: +38766900740
Those who want to support us, or ministries from the US can send their checks out to: Global Operations and Development
PNC Bank
Routing number 083000108.
account number 3015447546
Bank account in Belgium:
Walter Goncalves - Belfius Banque BE97 063968109949
Code BIC / Swift: GKCCBEBB. Code IBAN BE97-0639-6810-9949
Bank account in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Walter Goncalves
Account number: 045500027-3 Raiffeisen bank dd Bosnia and Herzegovina
Swift RZBABA2S IBAN Code BA391610455000027318
FIlijala Zenica, Mehmedalije Tarabara 15, 72000 Zenica, Bosnia and Herzegovina
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