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We received a tractor offered by a brother from France who was beyond our expectations, we now lack some accessories to properly use it on the farm and we also want to rent our services to the farmers of the city who Will need it.

Earlier this year we must do the registry renewal and insurance of our three vehicles. The three cars had to undergo repairs and especially the van that makes the transport of the children, that one cost us until now a little more than 1200 Euros. Fortunately, we have a man who was sent to our homeless shelter who is a mechanic, He is a real blessing for the repairs and maintenance of our vehicles and equipment.

By faith we have contacted the city of Kakanj to open a day center for poor children and especially among the more than 2500 gypsies of this city. We are in the process of asking the mayor to give us a place for our activities and for church meetings. We will need for that, raise 1100 Euros a month.

Some Visitors

In March, we have Greg Blackmore and Jim Ray from The USA visiting us and looking for opportunities to bring business to help Bosnia, and to start a program with screening with the Compassion Medical Network to reduce the overall healthcare costs. They use their time and talents also to make some videos from our ministry to raise awareness and financial support for us.

As we had previously announced, we had a small team from Belgium giving teachings for church growth, the teachings were highly appreciated and well followed by our brothers and sisters. My biggest joy was seeing three of our pre-teens actively participating in the studies as if they were adults, they have a faith and a thirst for knowing the things of God that is missing in many adults today.

Five brothers and one sister came from England to shoot a short film to present our work in the English-speaking world, among them, he had the representative of the Mission International teams of which I am attached. They also took advantage of their presence among us to bring Bible studies for the formation of church leaders.

Last week we received the French couple Philippe and Catherine Juston from la Gerbe in Paris who came to see the work and the tractor and equipment that it was donated toward our ministry. Philip too could bring biblical studies on the divinity of Jesus, the trinity and on the veracity of the word of God.

At the same time, we received two of our brothers from Austria to help in a practical way in the completion of the house we are building next to the main house in the valley.

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