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Short news

  • This january we distributed 25 food packs for the familys who send their kids to daycare those who had no food at home


  • Eighteen years of "Reconciliation" in Bosnia and Herzegovina


Eighteen years of "Reconciliation" in Bosnia and Herzegovina - BiH media have already reported on the work of Brazilian Walter Gonzalves, who this month becomes 18 years of his stay in Bosnia. Many projects through these 18 years has been done. After the arrival in the city of Zenica, his first mission was to restore as many damaged homes, then that with his team dentist and dental surgeries movable doors as much as possible smile on the face of Bosnians.

Walter with your friends from many countries in the world, at the Association of "Reconciliation" for 7 years actively leading the project "Day Centre". There are mainly children from broken families, families with socio-economic difficulties, children who have trouble mastering the curriculum and other children. Through seven years of work, through this center, it's been over 200 children.

Yu.G. Reconciliation in its composition also has a "farm" where children come and adults up to 24 years of age and who are in "foster homes" get termination of accommodation (whether due to their years of age, whether to complete education or because of a serious breach of the house rules of the home), children who are released from prison and have no where, the children who are waiting to enter the "orphanage", children from broken families in the continued existence of family impossible, and children because of the difficult economic and social situation .

In addition to the Day Care Centre and farms, in this association recently operates a shelter for the homeless. With the help of the Municipality of Zenica, purchase of containers which are suitable for this purpose. Their capacity is filled, and every day demands more and more, the contents of this association.

One of the beneficiaries of this House for the homeless and Senad Peter. As she says, she was deprived of everything, threw it on the street, as is the rest of things, and to have it stolen. Senada is sugar the patient, and in March must undergo heart surgery in Tuzla. Since diabetes is blind, which makes it difficult for her to really handle herself. This was to social work in the municipality of Zenica, and Zenica mayor, but everywhere he met with closed doors. Besides Senada, in this shelter are staying another four men and one woman.

In addition to these activities, NGO "Reconciliation" is trying to implement the action home care. It is a daily tour of sick and disabled people in the area ZE-DO Canton and the revelation of their daily needs. They plan to restart the mobile dental ambulance, where he regularly visited courts and free back a smile to the face of many Bosnians. It should be noted that the NGO "Reconciliation" is financed exclusively from foreign donations of good people, and that the donations from these countries can be counted on the fingers of one hand.

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