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Walter Goncalves is in a great place for healing

The building may be old, but it's people are not. They love their jobs and love their patients. He is getting wonderful care and is improving each day. As he says, "my body is broken, but my spirit is not" and it shows everday. In a place where there's a lot of brokeness and hopelessness Walter is the shining light! The physical therapist came in this morning and said, "You look happy" He said, "Of course I am happy, i'm alive!" She was shocked, she sees unhappy and hopeless people everyday. Then she meets Walter. This is why he's here he says, to provide hope!

Two days ago, I went to visit and check out a place in Bosnia called Fojnica. It is a place Walter wants to go to in 20 days. It is a great place and the doctors and staff are great ! It is closer to his home in Zenica. He wants to be closer to his friends and "family" and His farm. So pray that things go well here in Varadzine Toplice ( I have no doubt that it will), so he can progress back towards Zenica. I wish I could send pictures of the rehab facility, but because of privacy issues I can not. Just believe me it's a great place for Walter.

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