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Walter is recovering at the farm


Give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus. I Tes.5.18


Walter Goncalves:

"Dear friends. Today is Thanksgiving Day. But i have learned that not every day it can be a day to give thanks but also in ALL circumstances we should give thanks to God. Daily I am finding reasons to be thankful. with my car accident I discovered that I have much more friends and brothers and sisters in Christ that I could never imagined before. I am so blessed to belong to God’s family and just to be alive. It doesn’t matter that I cannot walk (not yet) the most important is that God gave me another opportunity to live in this world. But my eyes are on the eternity where one day or soon I will meet my savior and I will have new body. Thanks God and thank you who have prayed for me and have blessed me with your friendship, love, care, gifts and so. May God bless you today and forever."



Renovation of the kitchen on the farm

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